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actor headshotSince 1987 I've shot thousands of actor headshots and model portfolios all over the world, mostly in New York, Los Angeles, Miami, and Chicago. I help nurture developing talent and can help point beginners in the right direction when it comes to planning and doing the images they need.

The right images are always important to actors and models, but there are especially important at the beginning of your career. In many cases the first impression you create is critical. My goal is to help you avoid making mistakes that will hurt you.

Actor Headshots

An actor's headshot is the main marketing tool he or she needs to get a career started and to keep it moving along. It needs to capture your unique look, energy, and personality. And yes, it needs to look good.

Some photographers say that it's not important for you to look good in your headshot. I totally disagree. It's true that even people who are not considered very good looking in a conventional way can still make it in commercial and theatrical acting. But they too should look good in their own way in their headshots. I consider it a serious mistake for a photographer to try less hard for these people than for the very beautiful people we also shoot. Even very unusual "character types" can and should have an element of glamour and attractiveness in their actor headshot.

actor headshotAnother reason for photographers not trying as hard as they should is burnout. I've shot at least 7,000 actors and models over the years. If we photographers don't work hard to keep our work fresh, up to date, and constantly infused with new ideas, we can fall into a rut and just do our work in a routine and perfunctory manner.

I saw this to most photographers in the beginning of my career and determined not to let it happen to me. I keep the batteries charged so my work will stay fresh. One of the reasons I include so many samples in the sample galleries is to show the different ways to do the shots, even within the guidelines established by the industry we both work in.

If you're an experienced actor, you know what you want and need. I'll be happy to work with you to achieve that. You've been in the trenches and you know what kinds of things work best for you. But if you're a total beginner you may be filled with questions and doubts about what to do and how to do it. I'll work with you to help you sort everything out and create shots that will be effective and launching your career.

Model Photography

While actors generally use only one or two shots, e.g. commercial and theatrical headshots, models need more images. A model portfolio generally has headshots and various kinds of body shots, with different models doing different kinds of shots.

model portfolio shotFor example, a model with great skin and hair and regular facial features might consider doing beauty shots, like the kinds you see in advertising and editorial images promoting skin care and fragrances. If a model has a great body, she'll probably benefit from shots in swimsuits, lingerie, dance wear, etc. to show off her figure.

If a male model has a well developed chest and abs, he'll want to do some shots in swimsuits or underwear. If the model's body is not yet in excelent shape, they should postpone the more revealing body shots until they are. Models, male and female, with an athletic build should do sports and action shots.

If you look through the better magazines at both the advertising and editorial shots, you'll get some ideas of the kinds of model shots used in the industry. I can help you determine the types of shots that would be best for you and your career.

Quality is much more important than quantity. When prospective agents or clients look at your book (model portfolio), they assume they'll get the quality of the worst shots in your book and not the best. You'll be judged by the worst shots you do and not by the best ones. So that means that even your worst shots should be good. We'll work together to create shots that are really excellent. Five or six really great shots will work better than 2 or 3 good ones and 10 mediocre ones.

Model Composites & Websites

male model portfoliio shotI can help you with the design and printing of model composites and with the design, development, and search optimization of websites. I'll help you get your modeling images integrated with your social media pages and give you some advice on how to use social media to advance your career.

Patient & Attentive Service

I enjoy working with beginning models. I'll answer your questions and advise you based on my extensive experience in the industry and having worked with many agents and other models. I'll spend the time need before, during, and after the shoot so you'll feel comfortable, self-confident, and successful.

Actor & Model Photography Samples


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