Family Portrait Photography

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Creative & Artistic Images in Addition to Traditional Portraits

family portraitMost of the family portraits I do are done in a traditional way, but I'm also eager to do something special and more creative when that's the wish of my clients.

My experience in fashion and advertising photography has allowed me to develop skills and techniques of creating images that are more memorable and more interesting than the images done by the typical neighborhood wedding and portrait studios.

There's no reason why your family portraits can't look as outstanding as the best work you see in the better magazines. For example, there's a categoy I invented called "fashion portraits". These are shots of the family group and individuals done in a way that I would use to shoot models for a fashion ad or editorial layout.

Maybe we'll use special lightiing, black-and-white or other special effects, interesting camera angles and backgrounds, fashion styling the wardrobe, etc. I'll work with you to project your personal style. I'll work with you to create images that have more artistic value than the samples you see in the window of the typical portrait studio. These samples in my opinion are almost interchangeable. Go from studio to studio and look at these samples and you'll notice that the people in the pictures are different, but the pictures themselves are just about the same. Why not create at least some of your images with a unique look and personal style?

I Can Shoot Them Just About Anywhere

family portraitWe can shoot your family portraits in the studio, in your home, in a park, at the beach, or anywhere we can find the atmosphere you're looking for. In the family portraits sample gallery, I have some of the shots I did of a mom and her two kids at the Chicago Botanic Gardens.

At this location, which I recommended to her, there is a wide choice of backgrounds, including trees, ponds, waterfall, gardens, etc. So we walked around and did group and individual shots in various places. The added some zest to the images and kept the small children engaged and excited with the shoot.

I'll Give You Outstanding Personal Service

The old-fashioned personal service which has all but disappeared from most businesses is still the mainstay of my work – Old-fashioned service but with cutting-edge improvements. You get your images on a disc at the end of the shoot. That means hi-res copies of everything we shoot. They're all yours to do what you want with. No charges for prints, minimum print orders, or any other restrictions.

Your package will include a certain number of fully-finished images. You order them by phone or email after you'll studied the images on your disc. I'll work on them, providing images that are retouched to perfection or left more natural, according to your needs and preferences.

Then I'll send you proofs via email, make any changes you might request, and then send revised proofs. Once you'll happy I'll send you final files for use in print or internet. If you would like actual prints, you can take the files to a local CVS or Walgreen's or camera store and make your own prints at cost – without the high mark-up you'll pay at most studios. Or if you prefer, I can make the prints for you.

Upscale Images at an Affordable Price

family portraitAlthough my work is better and more interesting than what you'll find at most studios, it won't cost you more. They charge a sitting fee and rather large fees for finished images.

My fee includes the shoot, the retouching, and the rights to make all the prints you want. For most shoots, that makes my fees much lower than you would pay otherwise.

The typical family portait shoot is $250-300 and this includes group and invidual shots on location, inside or outside, all images on a disc at the end of the shoot, and complete retouching on 3 images. More images can be prepared for printing at no additional charge.

Family Portrait Samples