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Fashion Photography – Traditional & Edgy

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I've been shooing fashion and beauty since 1987. I've shot editorial, catalog, and advertising fashion assignments. I've done fashion shots for thousands of models and model agencies all over the world.

Some clients are looking for a mainstream look while others want something new and fresh, an edgy look that is a good fit for their campaign. I do this by planning the basic look before the shoot.

I research what the client is doing, what the competition is doing, and the best work that is being done currently. I then come up with some ideas and visuals to make sure that the client and I are in agreement on how to shoot the assignment. Together we generate a look that is distinctive and compelling.


Using Retouching & Compositing to Create Special Images

fashion photo compositeNew digital techniques now make possible shots that could only have been done on really big budgets when I became a fashion photographer.

If you want a shot with the Eiffel Tower in the background, you no longer have to do the shoot in Paris. You can use one of the many shots I've done of the tower on my trips to Paris or you can buy an inexpensive stock photograph. I can put it in the background digitally. I shoot the model in the studio and digitally compose an image of the model and the Eiffel Tower or any other background element we choose.

In this shot I shot my favorite model Jade in the studio on an antique desk. Then for the background I used a room I had shot at the Musee d'Orsay in Paris and through the window I put the Eiffel Tower from another Paris shot.

I Can Put Together the Entire Shoot

I can arrange models, hair & make-up people, wardrobe stylists, etc. If you need to shoot on location, I can suggest ideas that would work for the concept we're shooting.

After the shoot, I'll work on the selected images and make them ready for publication in print or on the web.

Advertising Photography

Beadvertising photographyfore becoming a photographer, I was the creative director at a Chicago advertising agency. I'm familiar with all phases of creative and production. I can work with your art director to achieve a successful execution of his strategy. If you're doing the ads in-house, I can act and your art direction and work directly with you to produce ads that work. I've done many different kinds of advertising photography but specialize in shooting people and people with products.

I'm familiar with traditional and cuttiing edge techniques of visual persuasion, including semiotics and neuro-marketing.

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