Glamour & Boudoir Photography

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Glamour Photography – Making Women
Look Sexy & Attractive

glamour photographyGlamour photography is about making women look great – and appealing to men. Some of my clients have used my glamour photographs for calendars, posters, ads, presents to husbands and boyfriends, modeling, submissions to men's magazines, contests, social networking sites, etc.

Much of what passes for glamour photography is sleazy, cheezy, and cheap. It doesn't have to be that way! In fact, I think that this kind of image making detracts from the beauty and sexiness of the model.

Great glamour photography is about the right wardrobe, the right camera angles, skillful use of lighting, posing that flatters and seduces, and retouching that gives the final images a polished, pin-up quality. We can shoot them in the studio or on location, inside or outside. We get each of the elements right so that the image is flattering, stunning, and artistically satisfying.


Creating Personal Glamour Photography
Is a Great Experience

glamour photographyHaving worked with many non-professional models, one thing I've learned about shooting glamour is that most women find it an exciting experience. Sometimes they're doing it as a present for a loved one, and sometimes they're doing it for themselves to record their beauty and attractiveness. Planning for the shoot, posing, and going through their images to select their favorites is a rewarding experience. Many begin planning another shoot right after finishing their first one.

Frequently they're a little nervous in the beginning. They are overly critical of their appearance. They may be afraid they're not young enough or thin enough. But once they see what I can do working with them, they relax and enjoy the experience.


Boudoir Photography – More About Sensuality

boudoir photographyBoudoir photography is similiar to glamour photograpy in that it's about making women look beautiful. The difference is mainly in the tone. It's less about a woman's overt sexuality and more about her feminine sensuality. Where glamour photography appeals mostly to men, boudoir photography appeals mostly to women.

Glamour photography often uses bright colors, provocative poses, inviting expressions. Boudoir photography is more subtle. Softer colors and lighting, more natural posing and expressions.

When women are doing their photo session, frequently they like to do it both ways. More glamourous images for the men in their lives, and boudoir images for themselves. I can guide you in both directions to make sure you get the images you want. And if you're doing shots for the man in your life, doing some for yourself will make the shoot even more satisfying.

Glamour & Boudoir
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