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Why pet photography is so important.

Augie on new bedYou might have thousands of pet portraits on your phone. I do.

If you love your pets as much as I love my Augie, you look at them many times each day. You ask yourself how they could get so cute.

Sadly you realize they won’t be with you forever. Someday there will be a hole in your life where that love and cuteness now dwells.

In the past year Augie has lost an eye to glaucoma, swallowed a piece of antler and undergone surgery to remove it, and now finds it hard to walk more than a block because of arthritis. He used to walk for hours each day.

I love him as much as ever and take memento photos daily. I’ll treasure them when he’s no longer with me. But sometimes I want a special portrait of my pet over and above the many quick snapshots I take every day on our walks.

I want photos that capture aspects of his looks, like his great profile. Augie on grassAnd the poses and gestures that reveal his awesome personality and how he loves everyone we meet on our walks. You probably feel the same.

I’ve been a photographer for 35 years. Mostly I shot fashion, beauty, and business portraits. But during that time I also shot the pets, dogs mostly, of friends and clients.

When I adopted Augie about seven years ago, he became my main subject. Walking in a ravine, along the lake, in the woods, and sometimes just sleeping.

I learned a lot about relating to dogs and it is useful in my work. I enjoy it. Frequently while walking, I take photos of the interesting dogs we pass on the way.

If you choose me to create portraits of your pet and you with your pet, I’ll work closely with you. We can co-create an image that shows both looks and personality, an image you’ll treasure for many years to come,.

Pet Portrait Package

Here’s what is included;

• Photo shoot of one or two pets at your location or the location of your choice

• A proof gallery posted online within hours of the shoot

• Full, custom retouching of the image of your choice

• One 11×14 print, suitable for framing.

Total cost only $300

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